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Oct. 12th, 2012

This video was published on September 7th, 2012:

"Authorities were called to a residence in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, just before 6 p.m. on Oct. 10 to investigate the sudden death of the tormented teenag

My friends list has a few empty spots of people who didn't make it to adulthood. I often wonder, if they had the people and resources that I did growing up, would they have still been here today?

We can't fix the bullying problem overnight. We can't save every adolescent. But could you reach out to just one? Mentorship takes time, effort, and energy; I'd mentor them all to never see another story like this.

Young women today face enormous challenges, and they are more vulnerable to approach by abusive forces because of our 'social' media, than any generation has been in recorded history. Self-esteem is such a fragile thing, and young girls are being pressured at such an early age to be 'sexy,' to feel wanted, to feel accepted. And their are sick, sick people out there willing to exploit their vulnerabilities.

I know of many people who have struggled through similar trials. Can we pay this forward, start mentoring someone today, and stop another personal narrative from being cut short by abuse?


...the last year wasn't a complete wash.

Over the last year and a half I've tought myself to play about 20 different world/folk drums, flutes (lots of flutes), and I'm getting pretty decent at playing flamenco music on the guitar:

Made a video tour of the boot and saddle program...

Designed a couple of saddles:

...and you know, up to the general tomfoolery:


YAHOO! Email Hacked

I'm afraid my first LJ post in awhile will have to be to notify you all that my YAHOO! email account was hacked earlier today. If you've received an email with a link attached to it, please do not open it, it apparently contains installer scripts for malware. Apologies for the inconvenience caused to anyone.


Thank You!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and compliments on the shoe work. I don't always get around to responding to everyone and everything these days, but I wanted to say 'thank you' and let you all know that the positivity keeps me going.

Plain Black Oxfords...

...are for sissies.

Whole-cut oxford in French calf with asymmetric decorative brogue. Extended heel counter for additional ankle support.


Leather insole with additional instep support, heel and metatarsal support.
Rubber midsole and crepe outsole, Cat's paw wear surface.

Norwegian welt, spinning stitch, double stitch-down construction with outer row additional spinning stitch as well.

Made Whilt in Budpest


Mens 7-eyelet wingtip oxford.


English welt construction.

When the cat has gone away…

I’m off to Budapest. You kids behave, play nice, and no more interweb slap-fights while I’m gone. O.o

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….I like these!


Jodhpur ankle boot, built on boot last (usually built on shoe last form, but I used a boot last to get the toe spring/heel height). Hardtke shrunken bull hide (Azteca), heavily antiqued and burnished. Handmade horse butt welt. Leather toe box. 1 3/4″ Cuban heel.


Horse butt ‘belt’, brass buckle. A bit of a ‘throwback’ enclosure on a throwback boot.

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From the Shoe Pile


Work boots, brown bull hide vamps and counters with green calf tops. 4 rows of stitching. Don’t ask about the pull tabs…
Full storm welt, leather midsole with heat formed synthetic outsole.


Chukkas in burgundy French Calf.


Your (sometimes) humble cordwainer.

Next week: jodhpur boots and a pair of tall top piratey pirate boots.

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